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Not only can you  now advertise on one of our shows but Biker Radio Magazine also offers commercial production for your local radio buys!

If you spend thousands in your local market to buy radio time and the radio station just uses the same voices to read your spots... think about having commercials tailor made for your shop or dealership. This is what we do, all day long.

Biker Radio Magazine can have your spots voiced and produced in a few hours with out of market people that will stand out. Need help writing? No problem and no charge for that service when you have your commercial voiced and produced with us. We currently do voice work for several companies from the North East to the South West and points in between. With studios in the U.S. and Canada and some of the best producers anywhere, we have you covered. Biker Radio Magazine is helping clients stand out in their markets, daily.

Your commercials can also be used on your web site! Audio is a very powerful tool and chances are people will remember what they hear. Your web site is the front door to your shop for on-line visitors and letting them hear about your sales and features will add excitement to your home page because audio works.

Get started today for as little as $350.00! For samples of what we can do for you sales@bikerradiomagazine.com and request more information.

For commercials on Biker Radio Magazine or sponsoring one our segments or a show please contact us for rates. We'll even run your TV spots on our web site.


Feedback from clients-

Wow, Ken - you're too much!!

Thanks so much for doing all of these - see, you get it!!

We will most certainly keep you on as one of our go-to voices!

Thanks again,


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